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Radim Vojíř and JazzBIGGang

JazzBigGang is an excellent jazz bigband, consisting of 20 young and enthusiastic players. JazzBigGang arose from the Academic Jazzband, established as a student orchestra at the grammar school in Cheb in 1991. In the course of its more than ten-year history, the orchestra recorded for television and radio and performed at many festivals, competitions and concerts at home as well as abroad. In spring 2004 Mr.Jiří Baier handed the orchestra over to Radim Vojíř, giving by thus a fundamental impulse to the start of a new era of this jazz orchestra. The new art director changed and completed the structure of the orchestra and worked up a new repertoire in a short time.

The band recorded a CD called "Link-up" in 2005. In 2009 was made the second one called "Jazz Police". Samples can be found at wwww.jazzbiggang.cz.


Art director - Radim Vojíř
Singing - Kateřina Navrátilová
Flute - Jana Kutílková
Alto Saxophones - Radim Eichler, Jana Vildová
Tenor Saxophones - Michal Holota, Michael Marek
Baritone Saxophone - Zdeněk Vrzák
Trumpets - Petr Bubanec, Jan Doucha, Radek Buřič, Tomáš Vaníček
Trombones - Tomáš Kožený, Jan Vacula, Jan Heczko, Matouš Kučera
Guitar - Filip Černík
Bass guitar - Jakub Holota
Drums - Lukáš Vild

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